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Timber Production and Renewable Energy

The Realforest Group owns over 2000 acres of commercial forestry in Scotland.

The majority of our projects comprise plantations of Sitka Spruce with a wide spread of harvesting times. We also grow Japanese Larch, and native broadleaves including Ash, Birch and Alder. These sustainable forestry projects will serve a variety of objectives including the UK timber markets, the biofuels industry and national biodiversity and carbon sequestration targets.

Glenforsa Glenforsa
Glenforsa Glenforsa

1,100 acres of mainly spruce plantation on the Isle of Mull. In three separate compartments straddling the river Forsa.
Harvesting between 2019 and 2029, well placed to benefit from the planned transport, shipping and technological changes benefitting the West Coast timber markets.

Glenforsa Glenforsa Glenforsa Glenforsa Glenforsa

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150 acre native broadleaf planting project at Parton, Castle Douglas.

Kirkcudbright planting

Sypland, Kirkcudbright planting in progress. Ash, Alder and Sycamore.

Craigenvey forest Craigenvey forest

600 acre spruce and larch plantation, adjoining the shore of Loch Urr at Craigenvey, Dumfries.

Fairy Bridge, Isle of Skye Fairy Bridge, Isle of Skye

250 acre site on the Isle of Skye. Mixed tree cover.


Carsegowan, about 115 acres and 18 year old spruce, located near Newton Stewart, site of a former ammunition factory in World War 2. - SOLD

Windspeed trials for proposed turbine projects

Windspeed trials for proposed turbine projects.


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